Family consists of people you love and cherish. It is important for each family member to look out for each other. There are many instances a family member has to give basic first aid to another family member. These can be anything from minor cuts, burns or scrapes. In families where there are little kids, things such as band aids and allergy medication might come in handy quite often. When an emergency happens at home, it is very important to respond fast. In order to do this, all basic first aid equipment should be at hand. There have been many instances where people could not locate the first aid items during an emergency. Therefore, having a well-stocked medicine cabinet is important. Here are some of the must haves in any family medicine cabinet. Look here for further information regarding first response pregnancy test.

Day to day things

There are certain health and hygiene products that a family needs on a daily basis. These can be things such as sanitary napkins, tampons, birth control pills, daily medication and so on. You would know their period of usage by using them. For example, you would know by experience for how long you can use a pack of tampons or ansell lifestyles condoms. Similarly, you would know that your arthritis medication comes in blister packs of ten and should be replaced every tenth day. The thing with day to day medication and health products is that you cannot simply run out of them, because you need them daily. So keep a reorder level for each item and write it down on a piece of paper. Once you hit the reorder level, go ahead and reorder before you run out of them completely.

Emergency medication

Emergencies occur at homes all the time. The thing is, you would never know when the next emergency would catch you unawares. Therefore it is important to keep medication and health products at hand for such emergencies. Things such as Band-Aids, allergy pills, wheezing medication and burn ointment are some such medicines. These might not deplete at the rate of day to day medication and health products, but once they do, you might forget to replete them. So make sure that you keep a reorder level for such medication as well. One rule of thumb when it comes to emergency medication is to keep them away from children, just as you would keep your pack of Ansell assorted condoms well away from kids.


If you take a look around the health market today, you might see that there are certain equipment that make your life easier. These are things such as home glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors. You medicine cupboard can also stock such items to make your life easier too.