Women have millions of options when it comes to gifts or just regular shopping. You can buy perfumes, any kind of clothing you can imagine, shoes, jewellery, you name it! Buying for men, on the other hand, is not as wide ranging, varied, or easy. Whether you are a man shopping for a bro, or a woman trying to find something perfect for her husband, it can be near impossible to find the right gift. Given this difficulty, you could probably use a few tips for the next time you need to go shopping. Here are a few to help you know what to pick.

Buy Something Useful

You don’t need to fret over what the person wants, because the best gift is generally what they need. Especially if the person you’re shopping for is a particularly practical guy, you should consider something that they might find useful. While some men would love something sentimental, you can’t possibly go wrong with going by practicality alone. Buy something like barbecue equipment or a straight razor set for a person like that. If you can think of something that they might need, even better.

Buy Something Personalized

Of course, there’s nothing like a personalized gift. You can find wooden beer mugs for sale and have them personalized with a name or a funny message. There are plenty of things you can customize with humorous images and sayings, which is perfect for guys who are especially whimsical.

Buy Something Based on Hobbies

If you know a bit about the person’s likes and their hobbies, then your jobs is already a lot easier. For example, if you know that they collect different kinds of liquor or dabble in making their own, you can buy them bourbon barrels. You can have these personalized too with special labels or names. Or if the person likes a particular sport, you can find plenty of signed sports paraphernalia online, some which are very affordable. If you know he likes to tinker with gadgets, you can upgrade his toolkit.

Ask Him

If you are unsure of what he might already have, what he likes and dislikes, or about what he might need, you can always just ask! Find out a few options you can choose from to make it easier. If you don’t feel comfortable to ask, you need not worry. You can simply give him a gift card that he can use to buy whatever he wants. This way you will not need to fret or waste time looking for an ideal gift.

These are just a few simple tips to keep in mind for the next time you need to buy a gift for a guy friend or relative.