It would be cumbersome for one to wear shoes to work without wearing socks. Socks do not have gender or age of wearing. Whether male or female, young or old, all put on socks during most occasions in their lives. People wear socks for several reasons. The main two categories of places where one can wear socks, is when at home or going out to some place. The weather also dictates whether one should wear socks or not. For instance, during winter, one can see almost everyone putting on socks to make their feet warm. On summer however, people may choose to wear lightweight socks or not, depending on the places they are in. You can visit this great site to see more awesome ccontact lenses. 
Socks can be categorized in four broad categories: work, casual, sport and dress. Dress socks are light socks, usually flat with sheer panel that are worn during the day, when one is going to work or attending a special event. Casual socks on the other hand, are worn in occasions that are less formal, and are most of the time matched with sportswear. The design of work socks is a bit different from the others, since, they are worn on a regular basis when going to work. They are therefore made with materials that are durable; those materials that even when constantly worn, would take long before the socks are torn.
Socks are also worn for beauty purposes. People could possibly put them on to match them with a type of cloth they have, to bring that extra effect they need. In a similar way one can buy Freshkon alluring eyes contact lenses to make them have beautiful eyes, one can also buy socks for fashion purposes. All socks however, are made of different fabrics. That is what makes some socks more elastic than others. The texture and fabric used determines the amount of insulation the socks provide, you can see best cotton socks online here. For instance, during hot weather, the type of socks that can be worn is one that is light. On the contrary, during winter, heavy socks are needed to provide as much insulation against cold as possible.
Just as Bausch and Lomb contact lens price may differ from other contact lens price, in a similar way, cotton socks price differ from prices of socks made of other fabrics. Socks made for winter for instance, can be sold more expensive compared to casual socks. Those made for work, can also be of higher prices considering that they are made of a more durable material that cannot be easily torn.
For work, cotton socks are preferred. One therefore needs to find where to buy cotton socks if they need the best socks to wear while going to work. This type of socks is sometimes considered as office wear. This is because, for the toe and heels, cotton socks have nylon reinforcement. They also contain fiber for a better absorbency. Cotton socks could also be a choice of preference during winter since they offer some form of insulation to the foot. Though some people may see it as a terrible choice, by rendering it to be of no use when wet, it still serves a much better purpose to prevent cold, compared to the other choices.