Even if your living space is small, it does not mean that your home needs to be cramped in order to be able to fit all of your stuff in. You never have to live in a home that’s full of clutter even if your square footage is relatively modest. Here are some clever ideas that can give you a whole lot of additional storage without compromising your space.
Turn Your Seating or Table into a Storage Space
Opt for living room furniture that can serve as a storage space just like a storage ottoman. Available in leather, canvass, wicker and vinyl, a storage ottoman online in Australia would make a functional and stylish addition to your space and can serve to replace a coffee table or become an additional seating.
Transform Wall Dividers into Shelves
Give the walls that divide parts of your home another purpose. Turn them into shelves that can display photos, keepsakes, records and books. Consequently, you may also want to knock down a part of your divider so that spaces in your home will flow seamlessly from one part to another.
Do More with Baskets
Baskets are almost essential when it comes to organizing a small living space. Baskets made of steel can serve as a sleek storage space for anything and everything in your pantry. Meanwhile, warm looking wicker baskets of various sizes can help organize your living room, bedroom and laundry room.
Let Your Storage Units Slide
The best part about sliding drawers is that they can be installed just about anywhere. For instance, do not ignore that bit of narrow space between the fridge and the wall. Install a narrow sliding drawer that can utilize the space. You can readily use this to create an extension of your pantry.
When It Comes to the Kitchen, Think Vertical
Instead of getting big cabinets for your trays and cake pans, opt for some vertical dividers instead. This way, you can easily pull out whichever you need without having to remove everything from a cabinet. Should you still have some empty slots in the divider, you can also use it to store some of your favorite cookbooks.
Consider Expanding Your Racks
Create more hanging space by using expanding racks in your laundry room.
Go Double-Duty with Your Displays
Nowadays, there are a lot of beautiful home décor that do more than just provide a visual accent to a room. There are now a myriad of decorative functional pieces such as clocks that surprisingly provide storage for small jewelry.