Now-a-days we all wear shoes and we wear shoes for extended periods during the day. In order to safeguard our feet and avoid resistance we wear socks underneath. This is actually very useful and as everybody knows women are blessed with soft feet and the skin there is very sensitive. So women’s’ feet need extra care and protection. If women do not wear proper suitable socks it would be harmful to the feet. And they cannot use what men use for their feet protection.

Types, Fabrics and Other factors

Women’s socks are available in different designs, types, and styles. They are made with various fabrics in diverse thickness and in different heights. Currently, socks have become a fashion and as women are always tend to be fashionable they are very keen on socks that they wear even though it is used with the purpose of protecting their feet. Now in the market you can find socks made to use for various purposes. That means this fashion has developed to a level where the selection of a sock will depend on the occasion and purpose of wearing it. When you take types available in the market; battery-heated powdered socks, athletic socks, casual socks, ski socks, running socks, mountaineering socks, hiking socks, toe socks, walking socks are only a few varieties. Therefore, women are free to pick and choose the right pair of socks match to their purpose.

When you take a sock, fabric used is the most important factor to be considered. It should be suitable to your skin and must be comfortable to wear. Women’s socks in NZ are made with different fabrics like cotton, silk, synthetic, merino wool. Each fabric differs from the other and the feel of wearing is also varied. Cotton is a fabric commonly used and most of the tropical country women prefer to wear cotton socks as it absorbs sweat and make your feet comfortable and inexpensive too. But these socks have found to be upholding swellings of your feet. Silk socks are less durable and expensive but these are very much popular among rich women who look for comfort and lightweight socks to wear. Socks that take the moisture out of your feet are made out of synthetics but they are durable and easy to dry even in cold weather. However, this fabric not as comfortable as other fabrics and does not provided expected warmth to your feet. Another expensive and slow drying fabric is merino wool and it is very comfortable, durable and protects the moisture of the feet.

In addition to the type and the fabric, most of the women look into the factors such as thickness, colour, size, height, design of socks. These should be suitable to your skin, weather, job or occasion and the latest fashion. Women tend to choose their socks considering all these factors.