When packing for a vacation or a business trip over seas you will find that most planes barely give you enough baggage allowance to manage comfortably. This in part is the plane trying to get extra money from you and in part is to avoid loading extra weight on the airline in order to take in the maximum number of passengers. There is however a number of loopholes that can help you avoid this.

Purchasing your bags
When purchasing your bags choose high quality light weight luggage so as to be able to pack as much weight inside them as you can. However, when doing so it is vital that you buy the best quality bags as light weight can often mean low quality and may result in your bags splitting at the airport.

Layering your clothing
In order to reduce the amount of clothing you carry in your luggage, make an effort to wear as many layers of clothing as you can on yourself. This may help with the icy cold air conditioning in the plane, but you may also take off any additional layers once you are in your seat.

Packing light for your trip
Make every effort to pack light for your trip, by minimalizing the number of outfits you take with you. You may reuse clothing by mixing and matching them to create all new out fits. Adding different accessories to the same outfits will also give the outfit an entirely different look. You may reuse the same shoes you travelled in during your trip so you will not have to pack footwear. Additionally, you may pack minimal toiletries as your hotel is likely to provide you with all essential toiletries needed for your trip. Any extra toiletries that your hotel does not provide you with, you may purchase at a store or supermarket close to your hotel.

Planning out your carry-on bag
Many airlines will not check the weight of your carry-on bag; hence it is valuable to put some of your heavy equipment in to your carry-on bag therefore reducing the weight of your checked baggage. Carry a foldable bag inside of your carry-on bag that you will be able to pack any extra clothing that you may want to take off during your flight.

All items will allow you to take in certain items free of charge such as car seats and children’s strollers. Take advantage of this by packing smaller items of clothing in with your stroller or inside its pockets. Most airlines will not take the trouble to look into your stroller when you take it through.