The government has a bigger responsibility in the businesses involved in their respective countries. These involvements are visible in the aspects of license production, taxation among other factors. Usually the government plays a very high role in ensuring that investors are attracted to their respective countries. Some of them include providing adequate security, creating a good business environment among other factors. It is however not the mandate of the government to fund the investors. The investors usually look for other sources of funding which could be from their friends, family or other money lending institutions.
Talking about government support, the governments of various countries have in one way or another ensured that they simplify most of the legal processes involved in opening up of businesses, by so doing opening of businesses has been easy and the investors have been highly encouraged. Investing in the jewelry industry has not been a walk in the park as per the expectation of many people. Like any other business, the business has its own challenges. First is the issue of capital. With the perceived nature of the jewelry in question, the industry has proved to need very large sources of capital for startups. To some extents, the owners or businessmen associated with the business have turned to other big money lending institutions to seek for help.
For instance a 925 silver jewelry distributor will need a lot much more than the capital itself. This is due to the nature of the business. In the sense that the business deals with precious items which tend to be of high value. Hence it is the responsibility of the governments to provide the much needed security to the distributors, since in one way or another government also benefits from the sale of the particular items. This is achieved by the fact that taxes are paid to the government. Talking of provision of security that in one way has led to increased level of trust with the respective governments and the investors will feel at ease when they want to expand their businesses. Other investors who could be willing to start up businesses of the same natures would also be encouraged and motivated to do so. 
The government should also ensure that it is responsible with handling of the quality issues as this would enable fair competition among the competitors who at most times use unfair means of competition (for example selling of counterfeit goods). With all those measures put in place a government can witness rise of bridal jewelry wholesale shops in their respective towns., check this great bridal jewelry set. The businesses will not only provide services to the customers but it will also generate the much needed tax income to a country. This would in turn lead to various developments in the country in terms of infrastructure, social amenities among others. With that also the governments tend to attract more investors from various places of the earth to go and open up businesses in their countries.