Everybody has different kind of needs when it comes to their choices of mattresses. Some like it soft whereas some prefer firm mattresses to sleep on. There is no particular scientific consensus as to which type of mattress is right for you and each person has his or her unique preference with the size as well as shape of the mattress.
Have patience and pick the right mattress
It takes much effort when one decides to purchase any furnishing and lifestyle product for his home. This is equally true when one thinks about buying a single bed mattress Melbourne. You cannot just hop into any shop and pick whatever mattress you find there. You need to judge them as per your requirements and you must be satisfied and convinced that it will serve you utmost comfort. Points you must keep in mind while purchasing one such mattress are:

It will take time: Most of the mattress manufacturers do not actually provide guarantee on comfort. Hence, it would be best for you to spend enough time lying on the mattress displayed in the showroom for ensuring confidence that it will worth your money.
Measure patiently: The mattress you are purchasing must fit well with the base of your bed especially when you are keeping the old base.
Sales attendant: Do not trust in the words of the sales attendant blindly even if he says that the mattress is perfect for you. Try understanding if the mattress suits your requirements well or not and then only take the decision of purchasing or rejecting it.
Don’t shop exhausted: You are recommended not to visit mattress showrooms when you are tired because in such fatigued condition you will find even the firmest mattress comfortable.

Why should you go for jumbo size?
The question may arise in your mind why you should opt for a jumbo size or even a double bed mattress. Usually double mattresses are 137x187cm in size and are likely to provide you with huge amounts of comfort. Small mattresses often seem problematic for the tallest persons since they do not enjoy sound sleep due to lack of space. But this type of mattress will be more than just comfortable for those persons lying on it. Moreover, double bed sized mattresses provide you with the utmost opportunity to relax whenever you lie on it. They are highly useful in a family where kids sleep with their parents.

So, purchase such a mattress and keep on enjoying your sleep with the loved ones around on the same bed.