You are invited to a bridal shower and you are clueless about what to give. There are so many bridal presents out there but you must find one that suits the bride in question. Here are some bridal shower gift giving tips:

Decide on what you are going to buy

This can be a tough decision to make. You can decide on a shower head which will be 25 to 85 dollars or you can make a scarf or photo album for the bride which will not dent your wallet. You can decide on the present based on the money you have and the relationship to the bride based on Are you close to her? Is she your cousin?

It is important!

You cannot skip out on a wedding gift. Wedding gifts and bridal shower gifts are important, you can get a gift idea from the couple registry if you like. Remember your gift must stand out in one way or the other as the maid of honor will be writing all the gifts down. You will get a personalized note from the bride too!

Shop with an aim

Most bridal shower are elaborate with top 10 kitchen tea games too. Think about what kind of gifts the bride will like even if it is for her shower alone. You can bring in some express makers or tumblers too. If you are really close to the bride pay for her hair appointment and nail appointment at the salon. Think of how you can relate the bridal shower gift and the wedding gift like chopsticks with a great rice bowls or napkin rings with a set of handmade napkins. You can even get several friends to pool in and buy some snorkeling gear or tickets to the opera house.

Package your gift well

Packaging can be alluring whether it is a hat in a box or a gorgeous lace sweater. You must make sure you wrap everything well and that you devote sufficient time for gift wrapping. A rushed gift can be noticed at the shower. Use the bride’s favorite colors and always include ribbons and faux flowers. Get a to/ from card so that she knows who gave her the present. It will also be a lot easy for the maid of honor to figure out who gave what.

Get some erotica stories or fun games in the mix

You can gift some kinky bridal shower games like truth or dare and sexy erotica story novels for bride. You can even try gifting her a vibrator as a joke for just in case the marriage is dull , but do not go overboard and lose what you have to give her at the hen party . Bridal showers do not always have to be dirty. Keep in mind the games you come up, with just in case her mum or mother in law is in the vicinity!

Bridal shower gift giving can be fun if planned well in advance. Think about what you want to give the bride and get the cash sorted out in advance!