The most interesting topics about aliens are mainly based on what the internet and Hollywood shows us. You might be imagining alien creatures with tentacles and claws. Some picture aliens as creatures who use humans for inhumane experiments. Here are some myths that people believe in about aliens:

Aliens do not come in peace

Most portray aliens as villains and even the famous physicist Stephen hawking believed that humans who sent signals out of this earth will face deadly consequences. He stated that if the signals are caught by the alien nation, they will visit the earth in and destroy it. The visit will be in relation to Christopher Columbus visiting the Americans. He also stated that the humans will face the same fate as the indigenous people when America was first found. If you really want to simulate some alien game warfare at home with your 10 year old, buy an air hogs vectron wave which will need 6AA batteries to work. You can even use it with your adult friends too.

The aliens did not bring us to earth

Some scientists claim that humans are another type of alien race. Some say we landed on earth when Nibiru a planet came too close to earth. The Nibiru planet simply floats around our solar system. It sometimes comes close to earth and then moves away. A theory that Homo sapiens came from aliens is a myth altogether.

Aliens cannot survive on our planet

Most international directors and producers state in movies that aliens come to our planet in order to colonize and control our land. Some even go further to state that aliens will not be able to handle our bacteria in the atmosphere. If you really want to try your hand at some alien adventure, buy an air hogs vectron wave which will give you the experience of a UFO space ship as it can bounce off walls and ceilings too. This will provide an insight to the UFO life style.

They will not eat us

Just like the theory of how aliens won’t be able to handle our bacteria. We cannot handle their bacteria too. Generally, some state due to the high bacteria content they cannot digest us. Astronomers state that if there was such a civilization in our galaxy it will be rare that they will simply come to earth to eat small humans.

Aliens will not have sex with humans

Aliens are characterized as asexual with zero desire. Some creepy movies show how aliens use human bodies to mate. Some even go into the extent of having sex through our body openings and even with water, skin, food and natural sex positions between a man and a woman. The myth must end there as human DNA cannot be compared to any other form of DNA. All living things on earth have a specific DNA code, aliens do not have one.

Alien myths can create a lot of chaos in scientists and philosophers minds as God was said to have created human life. Pay close attention to myths and do not believe everything you hear!